Tonight’s beer is Tatra. The bottle boasts full bodied taste, and features a proud Polishman gazing into a sunset, most likley contemplating the good beer he produced that day. Procured by a friend who will soon be collaborating with me on this blog, it has served me well in several band practices as a quality throat-cooler.

The pour had little foam, and the hefty 500ML bottle fit nicely into my mug (pictured above with my other mug.) A nice standard amber, the beer comes off as light (but not too light) with a little bit of fruit at the end. I want to say it’s a hint of lemon. Don’t expect the orange-citrus blast of Shock Top, as this brew is subtle enough to not be overbearing. Carbonation isn’t overwhelming either, and the lemon finish gives it a nice bite that tickles the throat regardless.

At 6%, it’s light enough to have more than one (if you’re having more than one) or sit and relax after a long day of pierogies and polka.

Cost factor: yet to be determined. I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Availability: Yet to be known.

Overall: 8/10. Would buy again. Would boogie on these all night long.