Tonight was my first night home from break, and I’d figured I’d start it out with a nice Guinness Extra Stout.  I poured a glass of this thick pitch into my pint glass, and started in. The half-finger tan head dissipated to wafer-thin quite quickly, and I could smell the chocolate notes immediately.

I dove in.

The syrupy consistency mixed nicely with the carbonation, as it had a bite but was not overpowering to the palate. The carbonation was fizzy with a dry finish. Creamy chocolate and coffee hit hard and sweet first, but finished dry as well. It’s a bit syrupy, but it fits the visual aspect of the consistency well.

The beer is highly drinkable, and has a decent body to it. With 6% ABV, it’s highly drinkable for a night, but by no means is fit for a session.

As my beer began to disappear inside my belly, I started rummaging around the kitchen for something to cleanse my palate with. I figured I’d open the freezer for the hell of it, and saw some vanilla bean ice cream.

Something clicked.

I scooped some out, and chucked it into my beer glass. Guinness Ice Cream Float? Sign me the fuck up. The tan head exploded and climbed halfway up the glass, its brown hue growing lighter as it climbed up the glass.

I stuck my spoon it the tan, bubbly, creamy concoction, and scooped out a large piece of of the ice cream. The coldness of the ice-cream mixed with the warmer beer and began to drip, and met. The white of the ice-cream was covered in the remnants of the tan explosion.

The taste was nothing but creamy vanilla bean and sweet chocolate with a bitter coffee finish.

I had found something I had been looking for a very long time.

I scooped the rest out and will be coming back for more tomorrow. I will be conducting experiments with beer and ice-cream for my entire intercession. Send me suggestions.

For the beer itself:

Overall: Fits the stout style nicely, as it is one of the staples of the style. 8/10

Availability: Any larger beer store or warehouse in Connecticut.

Cost Factor: It’s meant to be sipped and not guzzled at around 8 bucks- it’s sold in fours for a reason.