5:50 pm

I am going to tempt to push the envelope of modest beer reviewing by attemping to review six beers tonight. The first section of this post will be up before heading out tonight, and after the Danbury Mercurial writer’s meeting, I will placing my fate in the hands of the handsome sharpie-drawn man pictured above.  I will give updates throughout the night, and will create a (hopefully) coherent mini-review of the beers.


I was in the mood for a caper, so I picked up a Mystery Six Pack at Trader Joe’s. The brown bag came with a photocopied pen-and-ink myster man attached. It reminded me of the various sharpie-based hardcore punk fliers of my youth. These flyers were literally copy and pasted to create high-contrast images advertising the noisest outfits on the outskirts of society. Color me interested.

As I carried it out of the store, I couldn’t wait to see what laid inside. Trader Joes often carries a variety of mid-size “craftier” brews, and I was hoping for some of the less mainstream varieties. What hoppy, bubbly surprises were inside for me?

I couldn’t wait. I tore the package open on the trunk of my car in the parking lot. Here’s what I pulled out:

Bass (Ok…)

Negro Modelo (Curious…)

Kennebunkport Porter (Mmm, darkness rears it’s chocolate head…)

Harpoon Winter Warmer (Hopping for joy)

Red Tail Ale (No idea.)

Corona Light (Blast!)


I’ll be updating this post after each beer tonight.

Let’s see if I make Mystery Man proud.