Amanda Bloom, Editor-in-Chief of


It is definitely not spring. Though many people want it to be, which is understandable. We’ve gotten a few winters worth of snow this time around, and many of us are cold and seasonally affected. 


There’s not much we can do to bring March 21 around any quicker.  But there are some things that help to make the cold months more bearable.  For example, drinking and listening to pop music.   


I chose to review Magic Hat’s Spring Seasonal because seeing it in the store made me laugh – it’s barely even February, and it was especially freezing outside today due to a cutting wind.  But perhaps now is the time to launch those spring brews, because maybe beer buyers will equate drinking a spring seasonal with the feeling of melted snow and bobbing snowdrops.  And spring sells during the doldrums of winter.  This brew’s beautiful label is colored with bright greens, blues and deep reds – it ‘s catchy, just like Rihanna and Drake’s “What’s My Name”. 

I can’t say I’ve been seasonally affected this year, and that may be because I’ve recently been deeply affected by pop music.   The hyper-produced beats, epic bridges and silly lyrics have become the ultimate in winter gear.  Pop songs are good, really good.  They are “pop” because they are popular, because they make people dance and sing and smile.  Because they hint of 90 degree weather and wearing minimal clothing. 

Magic Hat’s Spring Seasonal is named the “Vinyl Lager”.  According to Magic Hat lore, Vinyl is the sprightly fairy adorning the beer’s label.  She is the “season-shifter, bursting from her cocoon to sing the ancient song of vernal yearning” – just like Miley Cyrus or Ke$ha.  And in terms of drinkability, cost and all that, Vinyl goes down just like “Party in the U.S.A.” or “We R Who We R”.  It’s light and slightly bitter, a more or less insubstantial brew that goes down easy again and again – and again.   

I’ll apply my Magic Hat “fortunes” to the beer scale: 

Overall: “Bask in the glory of Apple Pie” 

Cost: “It’s All About Me” 

Taste: “Who’s At Fault For the Asphalt Vault”  

REMIX!! – Sacrifice one of your sixers and cook a meal of “Mardi Gras Vinyl Rice”.  Magic Hat also offers recipes for a number of their other brews on their website. 

-Amanda Bloom