A much anticipated review that I’ve been chatting my friends up about, I finally got to New England Brewery’s Sea Hag. I first expirenced her in New Haven’s Owl Shop, located on College Street. The brewery, based in Woodbridge Connecticut, has recently put out a double IPA, Ghandi Bot. It’s first iteration of the IPA style leaves nothing to be desired in the areas of citrus, hops, and bite.

Pouring it into my trusty mug, a cloudy sea of toasty burnt orange emerges. The Hag rears its thin head, one finger high, quickly lacing to a mere one centimeter thick.

On her nose, she has a spike of firmented citrus and hops, with a slightly metallic tinge. The Hag is entombed in a can prior to her release, which may or may not account for her aluminous scent.

As she winds her way into my mouth, I can feel the strong bite of bitter hops and vicious carbonation- She’s been wronged, according to her story, and her revenge punishes my tounge.

I like it. It’s not the pain of a lover lost at sea, or the sting a salty wave against the eyes. Her pain is complex, alluring, and inviting exploration.

As she rolls in my mouth, I can feel her sting spread to my gums and lower palate. Her fury is felt down to my eusophogus. Her citrus aroma beckons up for more. I give in.

With a 6.2% ABV, she’ll knock you on your ass and leave you sore and wanting. Bring me more punishment.

She’s available in cans all across New Haven and Fairfeild County for 8 dollars and change for a sixer.

Overall: 9/10 rusted hooks.